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Managing medication

Keeping track of medication in large school can be a challenge. There are many issues. 


One user wrote:

'...we need a recording system for the medication we hand out at school. 

Currently we use folders / sheets of paper. A medication schedule, dates / times taken /

reason / dosage / alert report for medication not taken etc. would be great. Just a thought?


Because this is a widespread need and a matter involving considerable responsibility the following 'solution has been built into SP3.0 

Entering the data

Find the student (any view) and enter the following data

  • It would be wise to enter 'M/' in the Alerts field indicating that this student receives medication at school (useful in its own right)
  • Now click the Contacts tab
  • the details dosage is entered in the Contacts form as follows
    • enter 'AP' or whoever hands out the medication into the  Contact: field
    • enter 'Med' or 'Medication'  into the Role/Program field -this identifies the role as the provision of medication
    • enter 'dosage details into the Address or Notes field, eg Lunch: 1RZ


Using the checklist

Go to the Main Menu and click Reports and then click on the Roles & Programs Lists button and enter 'Med' when prompted.


The Planer produces a (weekly) checklist (report sorted by years and surname) for recording purposes.  When completed this record can be filed for later reference. Using this checklist makes clear

  • who is receiving medication
  • what they are to receive
  • what they have received and when
  • who is NOT showing up (often needs follow up)


The report would look like this

The number in front of the student's name is just a running count of students - useful in its own right?

But wait... there's more !!

This same approach can be used to create all sorts of checklists, especially for special programs such as  Spanners, Rainbows, Bridges


These above entries will ensure that this student appears on the Medication list and also the Spanners list and the Rainbows list



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