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Discussion List

From time to time we will use the Discussion List to publish tutorials explaining how to use components of the Planner for particular purposes.


Workshop Materials

Click links to see workshop materials ( to down load the materials just right click and Save Link As...


Workshops  (fees negotiable)

Enquiries Email    Ivan Webb - 03 6331 5143


These tutorials are about sharing knowledge of how (and why) to manipulate the data in the database to achieve particular purposes.

  1. Using the Alerts field
  2. Response Workshop
  3. Introducing the Planner to the whole school staff
  4. Exporting to Word
  5. Working with students
  6. Incidents - the basics
  7. Everyday conversations
  8. Faster data entry
  9. Monitoring progress
  10. Personal histories
  11. End of Term tidy up
  12. Searching data for information
  13. Incidents to observations - History 101!!
  14. Preparing for next year
  15. High Ability and Gifted students







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