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Timetable "best practice"?

Several years ago Brooks identified the need for a Timetable component in the Planner to deal with the highly individual arrangements made for some of their students.


This year Brooks have gone to a four session day and I have adjusted their Timetable accordingly.


During the adjustment I noticed what is almost certainly an example of "best practice" in making use of the Timetable.

Recording the arrangements

In this example, Brooks are using the Timetable to record the fine detail required of where and when "Fred Bloggs"  should be during the school week - see the data entered.


Using the Notes section of the Timetable component, Brooks have summarised even finer detail and captured future possibilities for improved arrangements. That is, are using the Timetable as a management AND planning tool!!

Keeping everyone up to date

Notice how many staff and others are involved in making this timetable work well.


The printout makes it so easy to keep everyone up to date.


And perhaps most important of all, it is a simple matter to establish what Fred's current timetable actually is. Any copy may be redundant because of more recent updates. To resolve any doubts - Check on the Planner!


And this was the main reason why Brooks wanted the Timetable included in the Planner in the first place.


It could well be that your school has also has some "best practice" to share. Please consider.


Thank you to Brooks for permission to share this example.




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