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A tool for better practices

There are four categories of practice in which the Planner can assist:

  • Monitoring what's working what's not....
  • Analysing the key matters to be given attention
  • Planning arrangements and actions to support the student(s)
  • Acting as planned:
    • Making the arrangements
    • Undertaking the specific actions when, and as, planned


That is, the Support Planner is simply a tool intended to make it easier for schools to provide better support for their students. This means

  • Knowing about the students, their history, needs and circumstances
  • Making comprehensive arrangements to support students with integrity
  • Activating the students towards contributing to their own well-being and success
  • Coordinating these arrangements (making it easier for everyone to contribute) 
  • Undertaking actions and initiatives in a timely manner
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the arrangements

Knowing about students

The Planner makes it quite easy to record key information (once collected) about students, including such things as:

  • A brief history  - what has been significant in student's education, life
  • Current personal circumstances if likely to be significant (e.g., lives with grandmother)
  • Patterns of incidents in which the student has been involved recently
  • Previous school, cluster and other agency initiatives to support the student
  • The school’s particular goals for the student
  • Alerts (if any) in relation to the student
  • the student's needs and abilities - will he be able to understand any agreement he signs?
  • Special programs already in place for the student
  • Day by day monitoring of student success and well-being
  • Special timetable arrangements for the student  - should he be at school today?
  • Other special arrangements currently in place
  • Special needs that might impact on his capabilities, eg, Asperger's
  • Medication - does the student take medication and has this happened today?
  • Any current or previous agreements that relate to the student
  • Documentation that is available relating the the student
  • Special contacts ( school or family) available to provide support 
  • ...

Making arrangements

The Planner can be used to quickly record commitments to support the student

  • Observations: incidents, concerns, queries, achievements... - the things that the actions are intended to address
  • A function analysis
    • What work's for the student and what doesn't: where, when....
    • To be included in Version 4 (to be released in July 2008)
  • Actions:  who will do what and  when to help ensure the success and well-being of the student
  • Individual support plan -  summaries of the everyday things that are in place to support the students
  • Agreements - about these actions
  • Schedules - actions are dated to indicate the intended completion
  • Special programs - eg, Rainbows, Spanners...
  • Associated documentation such as Running Records, IEPs, BSPs, letters, reports are easily linked  etc to the student record for easy access, editing, annotating and updating as required

And any templates that might useful

Coordinating arrangements

The Planner brings together what there is to be know about a student: information and commitments in relation to each child into one easy to access and manage place.


A wide range of reports and forms that  are used organise this information for various purposes

  • To do lists - for those providing support, Guidance, Speech, Social Worker, AP...
  • Support meeting agendas - a the click of a button!!
  • Class reports - enable Class Teachers to be informed and participate in supporting students
  • Cluster support: listing recent and future support actions
  • Quick checks  - enable easy monitoring and updating of things requiring attention
  • and more...

Monitoring arrangements

The various forms (views) and reports make it easy to stay informed 

  • Review Class - make it easy for Class Teachers to see how their particular students are 'travelling and what is happening and 'in the pipeline' for supporting their students
  • ISP Plans - enables a quick scan of how the high needs students are 'travelling'
  • Summary reports - listing recent concerns actions as selected
  • Statistical reports - by grade and gender on a wide range of data contained in the database
  • Quick checks  - enable easy monitoring and updating of things requiring attention
  • and more...

Work through the scenario to check out some of the possibilities.



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