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End of Term Tidy Up

From the  Main Menu check out the buttons to the right of the Main Tools (you will probably be surprised)

  • Update Support 
    • check on uncompleted support actions 
    • tick off all the items that really have been completed
    • quickly add other support actions as required
    • follow up on matters needing attention
  • Update Observations (previously Concerns) - Grade Level leaders choose the appropriate grade tab
    • check on unresolved incidents and other concerns 
    • tick off all the items that really have been resolved
    • quickly add outstanding incidents, concerns and other observations
      follow up on matters needing attention
  • Check Agreements
    • check on progress of current agreements 
    • tick off agreements that have been completed
    • follow up on matters needing attention
  • Students Ratings
    • worth a quick check?
    • print out class lists showing ratings?
    • enter or update student ratings 
    • follow up on matters needing attention
  • Support Matrix 
    • useful for monitoring, planning and understanding
      • current workloads
      • backlogs
      • demands
    • Checkout uncompleted tasks for major support providers as at a number of days ahead
      •  0    = as at today
      •  20  = as at the beginning of next Term
      • -30  = items that are more than 30 days overdue!!
Now check out some reports (click this link and print the list of available reports)
  • Go to Main Tools page and click the REPORTS button (bottom left)
  • Consider the list of available reports - it highlights the most commonly used reports
  • Check out the highlighted reports
  • What do they say about your school, its people and its practices?
    • what's working?
    • what's not?
    • what else might be possible?
  • Consider who might benefit from receiving this information
  • What conversations might be more productive if consideration of this information was included?

Sharing the learning

Consider sharing your learning with the discussion list something that has been

  • useful,
  • significant,
  • surprising,
  • delightful,
  • worrying ...

from your school's use of the Planner this term.


 Especially consider sharing what is working well for you - it could easily be 'world's best practice'.(2 lines or less would be just great!!)




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