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            Please read this carefully


USE of the SUPPORT PLANNER database is subject to the following conditions:


The Developer


1. The developer retains the copyright to all versions of the Support Planner


2. The developer accepts responsibility for the design and development of the database:

  • its functionality
  • its structure
  • its tools: forms and reports


3. The developer accepts no responsibility for the collection, entry 

    and/or use of data by the user or any other party


4. This website contains information on 

  • the potential operation and use of the Planner
  • possible and actual practices related to the use of the Planner


5. This website does not authorize any user practices.


6. All user data received by the developer for processing will be permanently

    deleted after 28 days (or earlier if users advise that the processing has been successful).


7. The developer will not disclose any user data or information to any other third party without the user's permission


The Users


8. No user of the Planner shall provide any copy of the Planner to any other parties without the developer's written permission.


9. By using the Support Planner users accept full responsibility for the

  • categorization of any phenomena being recorded
  • the collection and recording of any data 
  • security of the data collected
  • use of the data collected
  • access to, and provision of, data and information to third parties



Ivan Webb





Ivan Webb Pty Ltd 2001 onwards